Safe Mercury Removal

Safe mercury removal and mercury amalgam replacement begins with an understanding of what mercury is and what makes it so harmful to humans. Mercury in its natural state is an element that is a liquid metal. This silvery looking liquid metal is somewhat stable in this elemental form. You could probably swallow this liquid elemental metal without any noticeable adverse effects. However, when it turns into a vapor or gives off the invisible gas form of mercury, it becomes potentially very deadly--so much so that many scientists consider mercury vapor as one of the most toxic substances.

Mercury vapor readily combines with fat rich tissues (the lining of every cell membrane and neurological tissue, especially the brain). When it binds to sulfur (breakdown products of bacterial activity) it becomes methyl mercury, the more deadly form. That is why when dentists defend mercury and their fillings, they refer to the safer elemental mercury and forget that the fillings release vapor, especially with heat and chewing; and when it combines with methyl products of bacterial activity in the mouth, deadly methyl mercury vapor may be formed. In addition, most air turbine dental drills produce tremendous heat from friction, as well as a vapor aerosol.

Therefore, when removing mercury amalgam dental fillings, it becomes very important to follow safety protocols and assess each individual patient to protect them from toxic exposure; reduce any mercury vapor during the procedure; and aid them in eliminating this toxic element from the body. Dentists who do not believe that mercury amalgam fillings are potentially harmful should be avoided as they most likely will do nothing to protect the patient. Even many dentists that believe mercury fillings are bad and do not place them, still do not adequately practice safe mercury removal protocols.

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