mercury amalgam detoxification

Mercury Amalgam Detoxification--
Supporting the Body's Systems

1.) The detoxification system is composed of several parts:

A.) The skin is the largest detoxification pathway and if the inner pathways are restricted, the skin will attempt to expel toxic cellular waste. This can be a rash, boils or other skin eruptions, or sweating (the better way). This is where the sauna helps.
mercury amalgam detoxification
B.) The lungs expel blood gases (both CO2 and other toxic gases). In Chinese exams they use the smell of the breath for diagnosis. If the odor from the mouth is not from microbial breakdown on the tongue or around teeth, it is from the blood gases. This can be from breakdown of toxic residues or microbial breakdown. As an example underarm odor is the oxidation and breakdown of microbial activity.
mercury amalgam detoxification
C.) The colon route of elimination is designed for large molecular, toxic, and microbial debris. It has several components. After food is broken down and the good nutrients absorbed through the wall of the small intestine (remember yours is not working so well), the residue or undigested debris goes into the large intestine. Think of the large intestine as a trash compactor. It compresses this debris, extracts out water and any usable nutrients left and absorbs them through its membrane wall. Some toxic elements may also be absorbed back into the blood stream if there is too much coming from the small intestine, the liver has not converted the toxic elements into excretable products (liver phase I and phase II detox pathway), or there are not enough binders in the large intestine (fiber, chlorella, etc). The colon is the last part of the tube that expels the waste.
mercury amalgam detoxification
However for the cellular waste to even get to the large intestine to be compacted and eliminated, the lymphatic system has to collect cellular waste; the lymph nodes (immune organs) have to disinfect and neutralize; and these have to be carried to the liver for detox conversion.
mercury amalgam detoxification
D.) The lymphatic system is our cellular clean up and transport system. It has no pump like the heart and blood vessel system. The heart and blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients to the cellular beds and diffuse these nutrients to the cells through tiny pores in the blood vessel walls. However, these tiny pores cannot let the larger molecular toxic or infective waste back into the blood system or we might die of toxic or septic shock. The lymphatic system is designed to do this job. The lymphatic vessels have one way valves inside to let fluid move only in one direction. In addition, the outer walls of the lymphatic vessels have special valves which have silk-like fibers connected to the fascia (inner connective tissue of around the cellular spaces). When we have gentle movement these valves open and close and by suction the cellular waste is drained into the lymphatic vessels. There are roughly 600-800 lymph nodes along the lymphatic vessels. These are concentrated around our areas and organs for survival and reproduction: the mouth, tongue, and neck; the breasts and lungs, collection point under the arm axial areas; the abdomen intestinal area; the reproductive organs - prostate, uterus, and ovaries; colon; and the lower collection points around hips and top of legs. These are areas where most cancers occur as well. These lymph nodes are immune organs that fight and breakdown toxic or infective waste. The lymphatic waste then travels to the liver and large intestine for elimination. The lymph fluid is recirculated back into the venous system.
mercury amalgam detoxification
E.) The liver is an incredible organ. It is the largest organ in the body and can regrow and regenerate itself. 20-30% of its function is for immunity; it makes and recycles cholesterol (a master hormone); collects the amino acids and replenishes and recycles glutathione (our natural cellular detoxifier); manufactures bile which is stored in the gall bladder which breakdown and emulsifies fat for digestion; converts toxins from their bad fat soluble toxic form into excretable water soluble form; and without it we die of toxic shock. Yellowish or brown color in skin usually indicates liver dysfunction.
mercury amalgam detoxification
F.) Our problem many times is with the sympathetic (stress) branch of the autonomic nervous system. We have 70-100 trillion cells in our body, each of which is a living system. All these cells, and the organ systems of the body they comprise, are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Even a paraplegic who cannot move their muscles has all the cells living and all the body organs still functioning.

It is the autonomic nervous system that controls and coordinates all these cells and all of our organ functions outside of our conscious thought. The autonomic nervous system is comprised of the parasympathetic (relaxed functioning state) and the sympathetic (stressed state) that reduces body energy from normal body function and shifts energy to muscles for protection and defense (fight or flight).

An over-driven sympathetic dominant state can tighten the lymphatic system so that it cannot collect or eliminate cellular waste. Chronic sympathetic stress also reduces the digestive function, immune function, and the detoxification, elimination, and colon functions while increasing muscle tightness preparing the body for fight or flight. This leads to tight neck muscles which may interfere with lymphatic drainage function of the head building up pressure in the head, jaw, and teeth which may lead to pain. This also increases the likelihood that the toxic mercury vapor may not be adequately cleared through the lymphatic system and may combine with the fat rich tissues of nerves and the brain.

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