safe mercury amalgam removal

SAFE mercury amalgam removal is imperative for preserving the health of both patients and practitioners!

Mercury amalgam fillings, also known as "silver amalgam" fillings, are made up of almost 50 % mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man. Mercury vapors are released from these fillings twenty-four hours a day, and the act of chewing releases even more of these toxic fumes.

Safe mercury amalgam removal from the mouth is critical! If you have these types of fillings, and you elect to have them removed, make sure your dentist knows, understands and follows all safety protocols for the removal of mercury from the mouth. Improper removal may result in the greatest exposure you've ever had at any point in your life.

Every day, more and more health-conscious people are getting their mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with healthier alternatives. However, they may be subjecting themselves to even more toxic exposure by having these fillings removed improperly, without the proper precautions being taken. Therefore, it is imperative that your dental practitioner follows certain protocols to protect you, as well as his staff, and himself as well.

Just as important are the detoxification protocols that should be followed after these fillings are removed. The body has to have help in removing the toxins from this heavy metal, and there are nutritional, herbal, and other aids for detoxing that your dental practitioner should be aware of and be able to recommend to you.

Check out our site to discover the hazards of mercury amalgam fillings, and the safe way to have amalgam fillings removed.

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Mercury Amalgam Facts
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Mercury Amalgam Detoxification
Protocols and precautions for mercury amalgam detoxification.
Amalgam Removal Precautions
Amalgam removal precautions are outlined here, noting steps that dental office staff should take to protect themselves and their patients.
Mercury Filling Alternatives
Once you have elected to have your amalgams removed, what may be suitable mercury filling alternatives?
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